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morning fog
the fog hangs over the meadow
waiting to take me away
to that timeless void
where nothing is as it seems
the fog hangs over the meadow
dropping me down...
into what could have been
where nothing is as i remember it
the fog hangs over the bottle
waiting to take me to the bottom
into oblivion
where the whiskey is cold
and the memories are real
where the daylight
forces its way
in through the windows
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the pale moonlight
over a meadow shines the moon
gleaming with her silvery glow
she outshines the stars
the fog is faintly lit
as it moves down the mountain
it seeps between the branches of the trees
soon the dew sparkles
the sky begins to blue
the moon slips behind the mountain
and leaves the morning to the sun
:iconjonmisc:jonmisc 1 0
a voice in the dark
ten thousand voices
in my head
sing their songs
fill me with dread
ten thousand voices
from beyond the stars
i see my future
that's not very far
one of those voices
speaks from the dark
she calls to me
with her song
across the ages
throughout time
her eyes shining in the dark
11 june 2006
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Imaginary Numbers by jonmisc Imaginary Numbers :iconjonmisc:jonmisc 1 4
untitled, 4 december 2005
i know what it's like
to be a cowboy
always alone
even with someone who cares
these things inside
try to unmask
the horror
that they share
the empty heart
that can't understand
the logic of the brain
but i'm not a cowboy
i feel too much
and let it show
and let it get away
while i know i grow older
like so many rock and rollers
whose song is now over
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Untitled, 2 August 2005
sometime in the morning
too early to be awake
the sun tries to peek in
as i keep shutting it out
the day insists on starting
but i wasn't finished
with the night
2 august 2005
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Untitled, 25 June 2005
here it comes again
the darkness i once tried to fight
now i dance without giving in
and getting lost for good
i try to hide from everyone
they all too willingly go away
and leave me with my thoughts
25 june 2005
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lazy afternoon
as i lay here in my little world
time stutters and threatens to stop
off in the distance i can hear
the sound of children playing
while someone plays their bagpipes
the sands of time go the wrong way
the minutes hide years
in the gaps between the seconds
i can feel my eyes grow dim
as i drift off to sleep . . .
22 january 2001
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the last outpost
smokey ruins sit on the horizon
of a planet long burnt out
a tribute to something once great
now gone, lost in the past
can't make this world go away
stuck forever in this place
with the ghosts of hundred of years
always at my back
stumble through the ruins
try not to fall over the rocks
try not to defile the bones
of heros from long ago
walk out into the desert
the air still tingles
from all the destruction
i lay down in my final resting place
to think about it all
17 march 2003
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a cold dark night
a fire at the centre of it
stare into it
and contemplate the universe
for now it remains unfathomable
as the chill in the air sets in
to make me uncomfortably aware
of the reality i try to wish away
the fire burns brightly
only to go dim again
as a call to come tend it
3 april 2003
:iconjonmisc:jonmisc 0 0
        look up at the sky
        feel the world go away
        lost in the stars
        watching the gods at play
        wish i were there too
        painted in black
        wish i could go out there
        never find my way back
        but it's cold out there too
                                jonnie coffman
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Jonnie D. Coffman
United States
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I've noticed my page views climbing very, very slowly over the past couple of months.  It seems like it goes up by one or two every week or so.

I guess that should be a hint to me to actually put something new on here.  We'll see.

I've actually been thinking about doing some calligraphy and putting it on here, but I can't find my pen.  Maybe it'll turn up.

I haven't written much poetry in a while, but I do have one from not too long ago that I could put on here.  As I said above, we'll see.

I guess that's all I have for now.  Keep looking, I might actually do something different, like updating for a change ;)


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Egad! A Jon Misc in my DA group?! :ohnoes:
jonmisc Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2011
Aye. I heard you were working on a new comic so I had to check it out.
jimnorth Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Suh-weet. :)
jimnorth Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Happy fifth anniversary at DeviantArt, man!
jonmisc Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2010
Thank you. I didn't even realise I had been on here for five years.
jimnorth Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
I figured that might be the case, which is why I decided to notify ya. :D
RubyFalls Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2008
Howdy from Ruby. You have some brilliant poetry!
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Thank you :)
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